A Feast For The Eyes

· · · | Kyo-to Japanese Restaurant


The beauty of contemporary Japanese art lies in that some of its artists choose to hearken back to the styles of their traditional counterparts, creating unique yet familiar renditions of classic scenarios and snippets of pre-modern Japanese living. For instance, the portraitures of TsuruyaKokei and Kiyoshi Saito are unmistakable tributes to Japanese woodblock prints yet are rife with modern elements. This is perhaps why the owners of this collection chose these pieces for Kyo-to, a restaurant aiming to bridge traditional Japanese culture and its modern-day patrons in a unique dining experience. Kyo-to’s logo itself is taken from a piece of the collection, Satoshi Yabuuchi’s “Rabbit” sculpture, made in 1999 and inspired by the legend of the moon rabbit, a popular tale in Asian folklore. In addition, the collection includes prints by Ryohei Tanaka, simple yet immersive to the observer’s eye, reminiscent of traditional Japanese landscapes.